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At Lountzis Asset Management, LLC we are focused upon maximizing the long term after tax returns for our clients in various economic and market conditions while emphasizing the preservation of capital. This is our only objective.

To attain our investment objective, we invest the capital entrusted to us in the equity securities of businesses with solid operating and financial fundamentals, led by capable management teams at attractive prices.

We are value investors seeking to purchase securities selling at significant discounts to their underlying worth. Our value-based approach to selecting securities emphasizes significant primary field-based research and analysis to identify securities selling at discounts to their "intrinsic value". A defined "margin of safety" is sought to reduce risk, seeking to prevent permanent capital loss, as well as provide for meaningful appreciation once the market recognizes the company’s true value.

The value approach is grounded in a "bottom up" analysis of underlying company fundamentals with a specific focus upon a variety of factors including the following company characteristics:

  • Superior returns on equity over long periods of time;
  • Sustainable competitive advantages, generating both attractive and predictable future prospects resulting in rising cash earnings;
  • Shareholder oriented management teams with proven operating and capital allocation skills to maximize the long-term value of the enterprise; and
  • Attractive valuation levels, with a "margin of safety", that is, a share price significantly below its "intrinsic value".