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Our portfolios invest in both equity and fixed income securities depending upon the specific needs of our clients. Selected characteristics of our equity portfolios are given below.

  • Diverse Holdings: We will purchase equity securities in a broad array of industries, both domestically and internationally, of varying size that meet our stringent criteria.
  • Concentrated Holdings: Our portfolios will typically hold less than 30 equity positions at any given point in time and may own significantly fewer equity positions based upon our analysis.
  • Low Turnover: Lountzis Asset Management, LLC’s focus is maximizing long-term after tax returns and consistent with this objective, securities will typically be held for several years, providing for the deferral of taxes on appreciation, allowing for higher compound rate of return.
  • Primary Field-Based Research: Our field research will supplement and enhance our understanding of the company’s core financial characteristics and the fundamentals of the industry in which it operates. This research may include interviews with customers, competitors, suppliers, consultants and others, including management, in order to further enhance our knowledge of each company and its industry in our portfolio, leading to greater clarity and conviction in our investment decisions.